Spincast vs Spinning Reel – Which Is Right For You?

spincast vs spinning

(this is a guest post by Billy Minter) While fishing it is crucial to pick the right fishing reel, and the job is quite easy for any experienced fisherman given that he already comprehends which one will suit him the best. However, it is quite difficult for any beginner fisherman to understand which reel is going to serve[…]

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Understanding Types Of Fishing Reels

fishing reel types

(this is a guest post by Billy Minter) The fishing reel is a vital piece of tackle for any angler and this is why it is important to understand the various types of reels and how they are designed for use. Although reels don’t play an integral part when it comes to the type of fish you catch,[…]

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How To Cast A Baitcaster Without Backlash

reel with backlash

(this is a guest post by Billy Minter) What is a backlash? When the thumb tab is pushed on a baitcaster, it causes the spool to go into a free spin mode. This, in turn, enables you to cast the lure and when it hits the water surface, the lure starts operating slowly whereas the spool stays as[…]

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Baitcaster Versus Spinning Reel Pros And Cons

spinning reel versus baitcast reel

Fishing should be fun, and it can only be so if you have the right equipment. In the past, people would use a simple hook and line, but now the tools and accessories have become much more sophisticated. This has made fishing easier and more enjoyable. Still a debate rages about choosing a  baitcast reel vs spinning reel and[…]

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