Spincast vs Spinning Reel – Which Is Right For You?

spincast vs spinning reel(this is a guest post by Billy Minter)

While fishing it is crucial to pick the right fishing reel, and the job is quite easy for any experienced fisherman given that he already comprehends which one will suit him the best. However, it is quite difficult for any beginner fisherman to understand which reel is going to serve him appropriately, particularly when it comes to spincast reel vs spinning reel.

Nonetheless, choosing between these 2 types of fishing reels can be quite challenging for any fisherman whether he is a professional angler or a newbie. As a matter of fact, while some people believe that these reels are imperative when it comes to fishing, the others might think that it is a matter of personal preference.

In any case, it is advisable for any fisherman to understand which one of these 2 types of fishing reels is better and under what conditions.
Both these fishing reels come with their own positive as well as negative aspects, and both have been designed for fulfilling a particular purpose.

Nevertheless, it will be easy for us to understand which one is going to deliver the goods by figuring out what supper we are having at our dinner table.In case you are doing bass fishing, you’ll be requiring both the spincast as well as the spinning reel.

In the following paragraphs, we will be throwing some light on the advantages and drawbacks of these two types of reels.

Spincast Reels

This reel is quite simple to handle, and consequently, it is the ideal one for the beginner fishermen. Moreover, one can gain a profound knowledge regarding fishing by starting with these spincast reels.

One positive aspect of these reels is that they are comparatively more inexpensive as compared to the spinning reels. In fact, you will come across different types of fishing reels out there at present all of which come at different prices.Consequently, it would not be difficult for you to come across the ideal spincast reel within your estimated budget.

Moreover, these reels can boast of a higher rating as compared to other similar products on the market.Now the question might arise why we need a spincast reel while fishing. There is no doubt about the fact that it is affordable as well as simple to use, but the most important thing is that it is going to help any newbie fisherman to get going without much difficulty.

It is advisable for any beginner angler to commence with a starter pack initially, and then upgrade it to some advanced gear afterward.Now we will focus on some significant drawbacks of the spincast fishing reel. The most important among them is that it is not resilient in nature as compared to the other similar products on the market.

Moreover, the lines of the reel tend to tear easily while you’re using them, and the drag quality is likewise quite poor, unlike the spinning reels.However, in spite of all these negative aspects, it is worth using these reels given that they are appropriate for any beginner fisherman as mentioned before.

Spinning Reels

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that spinning reels happen to be the most popular ones at present. While it is very simple and inexpensive to use the spincast reels, one can’t deny the fact that spinning reels will make it very easy to cast long distances.Although the spinning reel is considered to be a better option than its counterpart, it nevertheless falls under the basic category.

However, it is advisable for any fisherman, whether experienced or beginner, to make use of a competent and efficient fishing reel that will help them to get the job done easily. The most important thing is that one must learn how to simplify their job while still enjoying themselves while fishing.We have mentioned before that spinning reels are more beneficial than the spincast reels, but why is that so?

We can attribute this quality to the fact that spinning reels happen to be more versatile than the other type.Moreover, it allows us to use a spectrum of tackles while fishing which is definitely beneficial for any fisherman. Lastly, it is compatible with various other devices such as artificial baits which obviously makes it the better choice.

We have mentioned before that spincast reels are appropriate for the beginner fisherman considering its simplicity of usage as well as affordability. However, a spinning reel will easily score over its counterpart when it comes to versatility.In fact, it is possible to use the spinning reel for various applications, unlike the spincast reel.

Besides this, it is extremely convenient to use a spinning reel while catching fish, both freshwater as well as saltwater.In the past, the spinning reels happened to be quite light in design so as to sustain the rapid castings. They were mainly intended for the light fishing applications.

But things have changed at present, and these reels have become more durable as well as strong so as to catch even the large and heavy fishes.One significant drawback of the spinning reels is that they require lots of patience while using them. In fact, it is quite difficult for an experienced fisherman to get the first casts properly. One has to practice a lot before comprehending how to use them in an effective way.

As we have mentioned earlier, the spinning reels are unable to deal with too heavy lures given that they are quite light in design. Although they might not be the most accurate gear when it comes to fishing, they can nevertheless prove to be quite handy for any fisherman provided he is interested in basic fishing.


Thus it is evident from the above discussion on spincast reel vs spinning reel that the spinning reel is clearly the favorite amongst the two given that it is user-friendly, resilient as well as versatile in nature.

Although the selection depends entirely on your personal preference, it will be advisable for any fisherman to go for the spinning reel rather than the spincast reel considering the fact that the former is not only efficient but also a cost-effective solution as well.

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