How To Cast A Baitcaster Without Backlash

reel with backlash(this is a guest post by Billy Minter)

What is a backlash?

When the thumb tab is pushed on a baitcaster, it causes the spool to go into a free spin mode. This, in turn, enables you to cast the lure and when it hits the water surface, the lure starts operating slowly whereas the spool stays as it is.

As a result, the line has practically nowhere to go and it leads to a tangled mess of fishing lines. This is what we call a backlash. It is likewise known as birds nest since it closely resembles the nest of a bird.

However, it is not desirable for the fishing reel to appear like this nor is it going to help us in any way during our fishing trip. In the following paragraphs, we have provided a few essential tips which will help to either make it easier to tackle the problem or even prevent it from taking place.

A Few Of The Most Common Tips To Avoid Backlashes

Practice Using A Heavy Lure

Heavy lures are suitable for the baitcasting reels to work with. It will be advisable to go for a heavy lure, for example, a big crankbait or a massive swimbait, when you are commencing to use a baitcaster.In fact, you will end up backlashing in a rather insane fashion in case you begin with a light bait.

The reason for this is that it might not be possible for the light lure to take out the line quickly so as to keep up with the fishing reel. Fortunately, this issue can be prevented by beginning with a heavy lure.

Use A Heavier Pound Test Line

It is very much likely that you are going to come across a backlash in case you happen to be a beginner, and are rehearsing for the very first time. The task of untangling a birds nest is going to be very easy provided you have selected the appropriate line. For instance, it could be extremely difficult to get out a backlash along with a braided line.

Fluorocarbon, on the contrary, has a propensity to backlash more than that of a monofilament. In this way, the usage of monofilament while practicing will always be recommended by me. You will find it rather easy to untangle your fishing line although it cannot help you to avoid getting a backlash.

Avoid casting into the wind: Your bait is going to slow down while a lure is cast into the wind; however, this will not happen in case of the reel and, consequently, it will result in a backlash. You are suggested to throw along with the wind instead of going against it while you are starting out for the first time. Afterward, you can always start casting into the wind after acquiring adequate experience and skill for using the reel.

Pick The Right Rod Length

You’ll have more control initially while you are using a shorter pole instead of a longer one. Moreover, it will not be a bad idea to go for a rod having a medium action given that you will be able to cast the lure even without a backlash thanks to the medium action’s flex.

Fine tune the braking system: At present, the majority of the baitcasting reels come with a flexible braking system. You can easily fine-tune this system with the help of a knob which is positioned on the exterior portion of the reel. You’ll be able to avoid getting a backlash by using it correctly.

Try to set the braking system at the optimal setting when you are starting it for the first time. Afterward, it is suggested to gradually lower the brakes once you become more experienced, and this will allow for longer casts.

Tighten Down On Your Spool Tension

In case you have the spool tension (which is closely linked to the braking system) too high or too low, the end result will be a backlash. Ensure that the spool tension is set correctly prior to casting. Also, the tension must be appropriate which will make the lure fall down at medium or slow speed. It is undesirable to allow the lure to fall too fast or too slow.

Keep Practicing

Once you get into the water, make it a point to cast your reel. Otherwise, you might end up being upset. It will be a smart idea to start practicing regularly in your backyard since it might give you more control in the long run.

Try Using An Entry Level Reel First

As a matter of fact, there is plenty of beginner baitcasting reels on the market at present. Apart from being affordable, it will also help to prevent any backlash. It is recommended to purchase a beginner reel since it will allow you to cast a baitcaster without shelling out a considerable amount of money.

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