A Floating Cooler For Your Kayak – How Cool Is That?

It’s almost like towing a mini kayak behind you, but it’s actually a floating towable cooler. Just take off the lid and you’ll see 30 quarts of ice, drinks and food that are cold and ready when you are.

The one we’re talking about is the CreekKooler floating cooler and you just tie it off to the back of your kayak and it tracks straight behind you, even across some tough terrain on land too.

inside of floating coolerIt is blow-molded through the hull with foam insulation giving you quick and easy access to your beverages, food or ice. Speaking of drinks and ice, it can hold (30) 12 ounce cans and 20 pounds of ice providing you enough for a pretty lengthy run up the river or lake.

Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler

It also has 4 drink holds across the top lid, 2 in front and back. The lid screws on really tight to the main opening giving a waterproof seal. It measures 21 x 11.5 x 39.5 inches and has a mini flag holder at the back, which is pretty cool too I thought.

This cooler can be used in so many out-of-the-box ways like putting it next to your grill or on the table. You could not use it for a cooler and just use it for keeping things dry on the way to your campsite.

Not only that, but it keeps you from having to take up unnecessary room in your kayak, room that could be used for more room for you or your tackle. As I mentioned earlier, it can be pulled up a bank of gravel or sand because the hull has skids allowing it not to be just dead weight.

The CreekKooler is a well-made product with a solid feel, it’s made in the USA and has a 1 yr warranty. If you’d like a floating cooler for kayak trips, check out the current price of theĀ CreekKooler at Amazon here.


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